We have received the following from the Cherwell League regarding our 2019 fixtures.


You may have heard in recent days that Gt & Little Tew have suffered a significant loss of players and have subsequently felt that they had no option but to withdraw from the HCPCL structure.

After close and very cooperative discussions between the committees of the HCPCL and the CCL, it was decided that HCPCL would invite Dinton to remain in division 2 of the HCPCL in line with their rules. This decision is fully supported by the CCL and Dinton have accepted the invitation. We wish them well for the 2019 season.

GLTCC have requested that they remain members of the CCL and field 2 teams in divisions 4 and 10 (where their 2s and 3s were due to be placed). The CCL management committee, after discussions with GLTCC is satisfied that these are appropriate levels and has agreed to support the club in its request.

The upshot of this is that the Cherwell League is now reduced to 100 teams exactly, with 9 in division 1 and 11 in division 10. As such, we have decided that this is a good opportunity to restructure the divisions to ensure that all players in the Cherwell League have the opportunity to play every week. This means that will be a few changes to the previously published league structure and that the fixtures will have to be done again from scratch.

It is anticipated that we will have the new fixture list out by the end of next week after the League management Committee meeting on Thursday 21st.

We appreciate that this may cause some problems for some of you with regard to publishing fixture cards, booking grounds etc, and we will try to support clubs who are affected as best we can, but we felt that this was by far the most elegant solution to the situation we found ourselves in. Under this new structure, every CCL team will have a fixture every week, and the provision of cricket for all our members is our primary goal.

All of your previous requests with regard to fixtures are still on file and we will do our best to accommodate them.

We will publish the new fixture list at the earliest opportunity to allow you to continue with your preparations for the season ahead.

Best Regards
Cherwell Cricket League


This will mean that all the 2019 fixtures on this website for the Cherwell League are liable to change so please disregard them until we gain confirmation at the end of February.