Chearsley vs Tiddington Girls, 

20th May 2019

The trailblazing Tiddington girls team headed to Chearsley for their first ever match on a suitably sunny evening on Monday.

Both teams included a range of ages and experience, but all the girls were equally committed. Tiddington won a close game 256 to 245 with the consistency of the Tiddington bowling making the difference. The highlight was Edie May’s amazing hat trick, although all the girls contributed and our fielding was very good with some impressive ground fielding and catches.

Many thanks to Chearsley for hosting and to all the girls for playing the game in a fantastic spirit. It was a brilliant first outing for the Tiddington girls and we look forward to the next one.

They played a Super 8 game
(8-a-side, pairs cricket, using soft cricket balls).

Team News

Edie-May Barulis
Alice Gelling
Sacha Livingstone
Evie O’Gorman
Katie Organ
Megan Park
Emma Park
Scarlett Parkinson
Anna-Louise Payne
Martha Stapley
Travelling reserve: Alice Stapley